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Aquascape EPDM Tape Primer is used to help clean and prime EPDM liner prior to making a seam.
When making liner repairs and seaming multiple pieces of liner, it is important to prep the liner properly so that you do not run into issues down the line.
The easy-to-use tape primer provides the perfect primer for completing the task, forming a proper seal that ensures years of trouble-free use.

Firestone quick prime plus is designed to clean and Prime pond Gard epdm liner/membrane prior to application of quick seam products where required by firestone specifications and details. Quick prime plus will have to be applied with a quick scrubber or quick scrubber plus pad and deal with when preparing pond Gard membrane liner to receive quick seam tape products. Method of application: 1. Splice surfaces will have to be clean, dry, and free of foreign materials and excess dusting agent. Clean with broom or rags to take away contaminates. 2. Stir quick seam plus thoroughly before and all the way through use. Apply quick prime plus at the rate of 200 – 250 Square feet per gallon (4.91 -6.14 Square meters per liter) per side to the splicing surfaces the use of the quick scrubber or quick scrubber plus pad and deal with. 3. Use backward and forward strokes with heavy pressure along the length of the splicing area, until membrane surfaces turn out to be dark Gray in color with no streaking or puddling. 4. Additional scrubbing is required at factory seams, areas of excess dusting agent, or other contaminated areas of the rubber liner membrane. Change pads each and every 200′ (61 M). 5. When the use of the quick scrubber or the quick scrubber plus pad and deal with, factory seams require parallel in addition to perpendicular application motions along the factory seam. Apply sufficient pressure on the quick scrubber plus pad and deal with all the way through application so the pad holder flattens to allow the total surface of the pad to contact with the rubber Gard membrane. 6. Allow the surfaces to dry according to the touch-push test (regularly less than 10 minutes) before applying quick seam products or splice adhesive sa-1065. 7. Complete seaming procedures per firestone’s specifications and details storage: store in Original unopened containers indoors at temperatures between 60 °F (15.6 °C) and 80 °F (26.7 °C). do not store on roof in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 80 °F (26.7 °C).
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