Aquascape Micro Pond Kit – 8’x11′ w/ FREE LED 3-Light Kit Price: $1,439.98 (as of 02/08/2021 13:32 PST- Details)


The upgraded Aquascape MicroPond Kit with new 3 year warranty pump (AquaSurge 2000 gph) is improved compared to older kits that only contain a less efficient pump and only a 1 year warranty. Includes: EPDM Liner and Underlayment 45-mil fish protected liner and underlayment thats both durable and flexible . Enough liner included to dig a 2 ft. deep pond 8′ x 11′ in size. MicroSkim This scaled down version of professional models skims the leaves and debris from the surface of the pond into an easy to clean debris net. The skimmer houses the pump, preventing leaves and debris from clogging it. Dimensions: 17.5 inches H x 17.5 inches W x 20 inches Deep. MicroFalls Helps create the most natural having a look waterfalls imaginable! You will not see a plastic box sitting off to the side of the pond like the various filters out in the marketplace. The MicroFalls is surrounded with the soil excavated from the pond. MicroFalls houses the really helpful bacteria that go to work to clean the pond. Requires cleaning only once a year! Made from tough molded high density polyethylene plastic up glide filter with a 14 inch opening. Two biological filter mats and one biological media net (media not included). Dimensions:17 inches H x 20.5 inches W x 17.5 inches Deep with a 15 inches wide spillway Aquasurge 2000 Pumps 2000 gph, has super energy efficient magnetic waterfall drive pump and a 3 year warranty! This high volume pump provides the very best glide rate required to create a beautiful waterfall over the MicroFalls filter. Includes Free LED 3 light kit and water features installation DVD. Even if not specific to this kit, this DVD is a great aid for any project!




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